Born 10/13/2013 - Remembered  5/29/2014

Born 10/13/2013 - Remembered  5/29/2014

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Today, May 29th 2014, the world lost a child, a

perfect being that was only capable of love. That

childs name was David Bingenheimer, his parents,

Chelsea and Daniel, or Medic as alot of you knew

him. These are some of the best and kindest people

I have ever had the privileged to know. While Daniel

walked his son in his stroller, a car struck a truck

which spun out and hit Daniel and his son.  

Daniel was sent to the hospital with moderate to

mild injuries, while his son, was not as fortunate. Chelsea and Daniel are also expecting a daughter in the coming months.


The News

ARLINGTON —  Seconds after the stroller carrying his young son was crushed by a pickup truck, a father picked up the 7-month-old boy and carried him across the street.


A woman in a sedan that had been involved in the crash began screaming.


“It was the dad carrying his baby over to her, yelling, ‘Look at what you’ve done,’ ” said Dr. Jerrod Edwards, who had rushed from his office the minute he heard the crash.


The young boy, David Bingenheimer, died at the scene, a busy intersection in south Arlington.


The father, Daniel Bingenheimer, 28, had apparently been standing with his son at California Lane, waiting to cross the 2800 block of South Cooper Street when a red Toyota pickup truck, which was traveling southbound on Cooper, and the white Chrsyler sedan, which was attempting to make a left turn onto California, collided.


The truck careened into the father and stroller, killing David.


The child’s father and the woman driving the sedan were taken to the Medical Center of Arlington, where they were treated and released with minor injuries Thursday afternoon, hospital spokeswoman Abbi Miller said.


The driver of the pickup truck was not seriously injured. Police declined to identify the drivers of the two vehicles.


Police spokeswoman Cheryel Carpenter said investigators are trying to determine which vehicle had the green light.


A ‘loud bang’


Mohamad Weiss, manager of the Texas Food Store at 1101 California Lane, said he was helping a customer when he heard the crash and a “loud bang” at about 9:30 a.m.


Edwards, owner of Crowne Chiropractic Clinic at 2810 S. Cooper St., also heard the collision.


Both rushed outside.


“I saw the stroller in the middle of the street and the dad crying and going crazy, holding the baby in the median,” Weiss said.


Edwards ran to back to his chiropractic office and grabbed his office manager, Candace Money, who teaches CPR and first aid.


A woman at a nearby bakery grabbed a white blanket and hurriedly covered the body, which was now on the ground.


“I knelt down to check on the baby  and took one look and there was no question,” Money said.


Money then turned her attention to the woman in the sedan who was “tearing up the inside of her car and frantically screaming.”


Money said she convinced the woman to call her mom to come to the scene and calm her down.


‘She hit me, she hit me’


The pickup truck driver, a mechanic at a Cooper Street auto repair shop, was “rattling off to the dad and kept saying, ‘She hit me. She hit me,’ ” Money said.


Money said she convinced him to stay by his truck until police arrived, she said.


The father, who was trying to reach his wife on his cell phone, appeared to have hurt his leg, Money said.


She said he was dragging it along, “but was so upset, distraught and shocked.”


When reached for comment, the child’s mother declined, stating “all we want is to spend time with our family and grieve in peace.”


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This tragedy could have easily been prevented. People need to be aware of their surroundings, pay attention while at the wheel, and PLEASE do not text or use your phone while driving.


In the coming months, Daniel and Chelsea will have an unbearable amount of pain to live thru, also, they will be responsible for medical bills, funeral costs, plus the costs of bringing another child into this world, I would also assume that this will take a toll on them at work, so their finances will be hit, hard.


This Go-Fund-Me account is to help offset the costs and try to help the family in the only way some of us can. Anything you can give, pklease do. This will be a trying time for all, and every bit helps.

Their Tragic Story